Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Show!

I know it's been a minute...Okay fine, several hours...FINE months since I've posted anything. But I haven't been sitting on my butt! I blasted off this past Saturday at Bohemeos here in H-town..Yes I performed my first show! I think it was a huge success!!!...Mostly because I remembered all my words lol. But seriously, it was a lot of fun, the crowd was live, and the other groups were dope. Big thanks to Bless the DJ, Paul B. and Juzcoz for all their support and help. I cannot wait for another go around! Incase you missed it for whatever crazy reason, here is some footage:

Also check out other members of the Houston new-age hip hop movement Juzcoz who played with the band "Tax the Wolf" for some of their set. They are TOO fly:

Monday, July 13, 2009

CEOs and Execs Read Carefully

Picture: Flirting people being useless at the workplace

So...I've come down with a nasty case of the Mondays. And shockingly, cursing in the subway, mean-muggin and pretending that today is really just Saturday has not cured my ailment. So while I sit here at work, observing those around me, I have begun to think of ways that companies can increase productivity for workers like me who don't ever have their ish together.

- Don't disable sites like Facebook and Youtube. People will spend more time trying to find bootleg versions of those sites or spend countless hours trying to circumvent the system (and almost downloading mad viruses in the process -- this of course is not speaking from personal experience....)
- Four day work weeks.
- Hire busted people. Flirtation between coworkers takes up a good 4 hours of each day.
- Do away with the whole "office" thing. Phone, AIM and texting work just fine. Hell, I'll even video chat if I need to (but only if you can see my shoulders up because I would like to remain in my hotpants, thank you)
- If you are going to do the whole "office" thing, provide catered lunches every day from Chik-Fil-A. That mess is crack.

Anyways, that's all for now...Can you believe it's lunch time already? I guess I have been hard at work, perfecting this blog! I shall be recording "Imagination" on Tuesday, god-willing. I'll leave you with this interesting workplace clip.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Through the Wire-less

I never thought I could do it, but I am surviving an internet-less summer! After work every night I return to a quiet facebook-free apartment...and I'm seeing that life is beautiful. I never realized how annoyed I was at people crackberryin' it up in the middle of conversations, checking emails literally AS they come (but then complaining about how many emails they get), posting responses to posts and pictures within seconds...Damn do we not have lives anymore? Even I am guilty of hyper-email checking syndrome. I started thinking about the post-apocalyptic nightmare that would be..a life without the internet, and I have made a few predictions. Enjoy:

Life without Myspace:
- Nothing would change.

Life without Facebook:
- Our network of friends would once again be reduced to that one other coworker in the cubicle and perhaps our moms..if they're not busy actually connecting with friends the old-school way liiiike meeting with them or giving them a call.
- Digital camera sales would decrease sharply.

Life without Youtube:
- Productivity at work would increase by 100% as documented by this Onion article that one of my besties sent to me...while at work of course.
- The quality of television would greatly increase because TV wouldn't be trying to compete with this or even this.

Life without Twitter:
- Soulja Boy Tell 'Em would return to his home planet after failing to destroy the human race by infiltrating the minds of the youth and dishing out garbage instead of anything substantive at all.

Life without FML and Failblog:
- People would be forced to simply laugh at their own mistakes and pathetic lives as was the case in the 90s and years prior. Unless they're rich in which case they would still continue to derive pleasure from other peoples' misfortunes.

Life without the YBF:
- Nobody would know the following people are actually in existence: Solange, Teairra Marie (I wonder if that's even spelled correctly), Angel Lola Luv and Bobbi Kris (who? exactly)
- Women would be forced to make their own fashion choices more regularly without the assistance of pictures regarding what Rihanna wore last Tuesday to CVS

Life without Tinker:
- Wait...what the *@$# is Tinker? So I looked this mess up and you can see for yourself. If you don't feel like it, here's a quick descrip: it's a site where people talk about what other people talk about on Twitter....???? I will probably have a Tinker account by next year * sighs *

Hipster remix coming on the next post (if you think it's hard to facebook-youtube-ybf it up at work, you better believe it's rough trying to compose a remix and post it at work :-p)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What hooks you?

So it's called a hook for a reason. After a conversation with some friends from Tee-three (
The Talented Tenth) regarding the illustrious west-coastin' hook-singing guru of our generation Nate Dogg, I started thinking about the best hooks of all time and subsequently the best hook singers/rappers around. Here's a comprehensive list of the top 10 hook-makers of all time (slash that I could think of with my cubicle buddy to waste some time). Think somebody's missing? Comment.

1. Pharrell
2. T-Pain
3. The Dream
4. Drake
5. 50 Cent
6. Lady Gaga
7. Michael Jackson
8. Destiny's Child
9. *Sigh* Nate Dogg
10. Rihanna

...This list didn't even touch on rock...oh well! Thoughts?

PS...My first post talked about how hot Pleasure P's "Under" was...and bam, look at that -- the newest single. Video here.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why everything that's s'posed to be bad...

So, it dawned on me after consuming my third PayDay in a span of twenty minutes that I really wanted another one. But more importantly, it hit me that I have the ill addictive personality. There was a time when I would've given my first born for banquet style chicken in a box or at another point in time, a chicken, cheddar and broccoli hot pocket. In honor of all our many addictions I'd love to know what habits/foods/people would send you to rehab if you couldn't have 'em. I've talked to some of my lovers and friends and here are some of my faves:

- "Easy. Sex and video games" (so amused I had to do a direct quote)
- Blackberries (known affectionately as "Crackberries" for a reason)
- I-phone (take that Crackberry)
- Cheese puffs
- Judge Mathis
- Cuddling with me (^_^ thanks for that)
- Strawberries 'n' cream oatmeal
- Textual intercourse
- nail polish
- Oreos everything... meaning all the varieties- not just the regular ones but the Goldens, fudge rings, stix, cakesters (I didn't even know half of these existed lol!)
- Cheese-its
- Spandex

- Dancing

- G-mail
- Reality TV (may as well just drop the "reality" at this point)
- Skinny jeans
- Bad movies (I always wondered who purchased those DVDs you find at the front of the supermarket)
- Vicky's 5 for $25
- Carbs
- Eating (apparently the
national past time)
- Jodi Picoult novels
- Heels (I see you on your Crime Mob. Stilettos. Pumps. In. The Club.)
- Tattoos
- Twitter (invented so you never have to call your friends ever again)
- Salmon
- Cheese (this can either mean guap or the stuff that tastes good with everything ever)
- Cardigans (J. out)
- Mickey Deez (ya'll remember even Skateboard P worked it out to get some Mac-attack)
- Shows about rich white women (lol, no comment)
- Chocolate (Food or people? Or both..freaky)
- Kobe (Whomp)
- Facebook
- Lip Gloss (Lil' Mama ain't never lie)
- Making sure the remote controls are perfectly aligned (big ups to all my OCD heads)
- Tropicana orange, strawberry and banana juice (Acid reflux, anyone?)
- Sleep (*prays you never work a 9-5*)
- A-D List celebrity trainwrecks
- (, I'm addicted too)
- Grilled chicken and shrimp over penne al vodka
- Ciggies (Cigarettes for all you non-addicts..with your good lungs and such)

I leave you with a list of the best videos around regarding addictions:

Check out the throwback jam from sophomore year.."Facebook Livin.'" I'm 'bout to make my own song: "Twitta what? Twitta who?"

Family Guy. Cookie Monster. Nuff said.

Jessie Spano made "Saved By the Bell" more real than the college years could ever be with her
caffeine pill addiction.

A youtube remix of
Mr. Biggums and his many endeavors.

Eric Clapton's joint

The inspiration, the man we love to hate, Ms. Rose's plaything...'Yeezy and his "Addiction" (love the foreign subtitles)

Finally...for those of you addicted to skinny jeans, headphones, ray ban glasses or hipsters in general, check out the first cut of my joint "Hipster." :-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

BEY vs. RIH Debates + Real Music??

Shouts to the BET awards...I haven't watched that channel in a while, but they did a pretty swell job last night. Although I could've done without the glare from Ne-yo's head blinding me. Sorry, but it had to be said and you were all thinking it. Especially you, over there smirking. I was particularly amused by the 10 second long bleeps during Dreezy and Weezy's performances.

In other news, Michael Jackson's death has left us to ponder multiple questions, but one that has really resonated in my mind has been the idea of what constitutes "real music"...specifically the direction in which music is going. Is Autotune garbage? Does T-pain not make real music? I mean there was a point when Rock n' Roll was considered garbage. Just sayin'. I mean let's look at this YBF post I snagged. (PS if you're ever bored PLEASE check out the Bey-stans versus Rih-stans debate in the YBF's comments section. Tell me why people are arguing about Bey and Rih in a post about MJ's death. Smh.)

"Of course [Beyonce] and her sister are not like the Jackson’s because well……they’re not talented enough to even try to associate their names with that family. I’m sorry she seems hella fake now that Michael is gone she wants to “pay respect”. The only reason why i think beyonce has so many followers is because her fans don’t know what real music is…put in Michael’s thriller album and you stans will hear the music of a TRUE LEGEND/ICON...RIP MICHAEL."

Yes, Michael's music is TIMELESS. But because the music is different now I don't think that makes it less authentic. Beyonce's music is timeless and I would even argue that some Rihanna songs will be listened to years after she's "stopped the music." I crack myself up. Anyways, I think we should stop spending so much time hating on the ways music is changing and think about all the awesome music that has emerged since Michael's pop reign first started like Chromeo, Kanye West...Chromeo aaaaand Kanye.

Finally..please check out my new joint "Hipster." You know you want to. And if you don't want know I want you to.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A HipSTAR is Born

So after months of talking about my concept for a song dedicated to the cooler-than-thou segment of society we politely call hipsters (behind their backs of course, lest they get offended that you gave them a label, shun you, and withhold your access to "the cool"), it's finally here on myspace! Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive, especially my older brother, who allowed me to record at his house despite the fact that it was midnight, and my boo, who had to sketch left and right on his job in order to come see me and support me in the booth. Of course over time I will pull a Bey and upgrade my ish but I'm very proud of the first cut. Again thx for support. I leave you with a video of me "performing" Hipster in a state of sleep drunkenness (dun forget to click the myspace link for better quality). Please note the awkward hand motions, which are sure to put the "Single Ladies" phenomenon to rest. Watch out comes Sammus. Shouts to Fritzwa for tapin' and BIG shouts to all the pompous pricks who gave me the inspiration for this song.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okay I admit it..I LOVE Pleasure P!!!!

So I was sitting at work and because of the nature of the work that I do, somebody was blasting Pleasure P down the hallway. Now normally I don't dig whiny-imma-make-you-scream-my-name-wish-you-were-my-shawty-take-me-back-rnb BUT on this particular day I found myself giving my chair the business to every joint on that damn album.

Ashamed, I tried to erase the songs from my head. I downloaded the album off iTunes later that night. Anyways, ladies, and even gents, I urge you to cop "The Introduction of Marcus Cooper." Yes it doesn't exactly touch on issues like the Iranian election..or really anything other than him being a self-proclaimed "beast" but...if you want some good panty-droppers check it out.

Under (Sex..lmao. Except not at all. *Sighs...*)
Gotta Have You (Getting hot n bothered just asking you to download it)
Your Love (Cute old school vibe, "after an amazing date" type of sweet track) hhhhh
Fire Lovin' (Nice vibe)
Birthday Suit (Some one-year-anniversary night type mess)

Okay...*fans self* writing all this has made me listen to the music again. That's my Pleasure P shoutout for today. I'll leave you with this slightly slowed down version of Under.