Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why everything that's s'posed to be bad...

So, it dawned on me after consuming my third PayDay in a span of twenty minutes that I really wanted another one. But more importantly, it hit me that I have the ill addictive personality. There was a time when I would've given my first born for banquet style chicken in a box or at another point in time, a chicken, cheddar and broccoli hot pocket. In honor of all our many addictions I'd love to know what habits/foods/people would send you to rehab if you couldn't have 'em. I've talked to some of my lovers and friends and here are some of my faves:

- "Easy. Sex and video games" (so amused I had to do a direct quote)
- Blackberries (known affectionately as "Crackberries" for a reason)
- I-phone (take that Crackberry)
- Cheese puffs
- Judge Mathis
- Cuddling with me (^_^ thanks for that)
- Strawberries 'n' cream oatmeal
- Textual intercourse
- nail polish
- Oreos everything... meaning all the varieties- not just the regular ones but the Goldens, fudge rings, stix, cakesters (I didn't even know half of these existed lol!)
- Cheese-its
- Spandex

- Dancing

- G-mail
- Reality TV (may as well just drop the "reality" at this point)
- Skinny jeans
- Bad movies (I always wondered who purchased those DVDs you find at the front of the supermarket)
- Vicky's 5 for $25
- Carbs
- Eating (apparently the
national past time)
- Jodi Picoult novels
- Heels (I see you on your Crime Mob. Stilettos. Pumps. In. The Club.)
- Tattoos
- Twitter (invented so you never have to call your friends ever again)
- Salmon
- Cheese (this can either mean guap or the stuff that tastes good with everything ever)
- Cardigans (J. Crew...watch out)
- Mickey Deez (ya'll remember even Skateboard P worked it out to get some Mac-attack)
- Shows about rich white women (lol, no comment)
- Chocolate (Food or people? Or both..freaky)
- Kobe (Whomp)
- Facebook
- Lip Gloss (Lil' Mama ain't never lie)
- Making sure the remote controls are perfectly aligned (big ups to all my OCD heads)
- Tropicana orange, strawberry and banana juice (Acid reflux, anyone?)
- Sleep (*prays you never work a 9-5*)
- A-D List celebrity trainwrecks
- FML.com (meanie...lol, I'm addicted too)
- Grilled chicken and shrimp over penne al vodka
- Ciggies (Cigarettes for all you non-addicts..with your good lungs and such)

I leave you with a list of the best videos around regarding addictions:

Check out the throwback jam from sophomore year.."Facebook Livin.'" I'm 'bout to make my own song: "Twitta what? Twitta who?"

Family Guy. Cookie Monster. Nuff said.

Jessie Spano made "Saved By the Bell" more real than the college years could ever be with her
caffeine pill addiction.

A youtube remix of
Mr. Biggums and his many endeavors.

Eric Clapton's joint

The inspiration, the man we love to hate, Ms. Rose's plaything...'Yeezy and his "Addiction" (love the foreign subtitles)

Finally...for those of you addicted to skinny jeans, headphones, ray ban glasses or hipsters in general, check out the first cut of my joint "Hipster." :-)

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  1. I 4got to mention Cap 'n Crunch's Crunch Berries. Never had it as a kid...and now i keep a box at work. Sad, i know.