Monday, June 29, 2009

BEY vs. RIH Debates + Real Music??

Shouts to the BET awards...I haven't watched that channel in a while, but they did a pretty swell job last night. Although I could've done without the glare from Ne-yo's head blinding me. Sorry, but it had to be said and you were all thinking it. Especially you, over there smirking. I was particularly amused by the 10 second long bleeps during Dreezy and Weezy's performances.

In other news, Michael Jackson's death has left us to ponder multiple questions, but one that has really resonated in my mind has been the idea of what constitutes "real music"...specifically the direction in which music is going. Is Autotune garbage? Does T-pain not make real music? I mean there was a point when Rock n' Roll was considered garbage. Just sayin'. I mean let's look at this YBF post I snagged. (PS if you're ever bored PLEASE check out the Bey-stans versus Rih-stans debate in the YBF's comments section. Tell me why people are arguing about Bey and Rih in a post about MJ's death. Smh.)

"Of course [Beyonce] and her sister are not like the Jackson’s because well……they’re not talented enough to even try to associate their names with that family. I’m sorry she seems hella fake now that Michael is gone she wants to “pay respect”. The only reason why i think beyonce has so many followers is because her fans don’t know what real music is…put in Michael’s thriller album and you stans will hear the music of a TRUE LEGEND/ICON...RIP MICHAEL."

Yes, Michael's music is TIMELESS. But because the music is different now I don't think that makes it less authentic. Beyonce's music is timeless and I would even argue that some Rihanna songs will be listened to years after she's "stopped the music." I crack myself up. Anyways, I think we should stop spending so much time hating on the ways music is changing and think about all the awesome music that has emerged since Michael's pop reign first started like Chromeo, Kanye West...Chromeo aaaaand Kanye.

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  1. Beyonce doesn't have 'substance'. She is one of many that simply appeals to the eye. She is a Fad.

    Tina, Aretha, Mary J have substance that will live forever (until Jesus comes back).

    Tempest...has got a lil' too plump. Bless her heart!

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  3. For a long time I was NOT a Beyonce fan but I could never deny the appeal of her music. Say what you want about how she isnt Tina, Mary J, etc but she's BEYONCE so she shouldnt be them.

    There is a lot of crappy music out there today and I would argue that crappy music has pretty much always existed. But there is also a lot of great stuff being made--the greatest sounding nothing like MJ, Mary J,or Aretha. Yea, they def had an influence but why should we stop at what they gave us? Music is changing: it doesn't know how to stand still. If it makes you feel good, makes you hype before a night out, serves as the perfect soundtrack to a broken heart or a struggling spirit then it has substance. If it enhances your mood then it is significant. So just enjoy it and stop squabbling.

    To all of those who are stuck in past decades and refuse to give today's artists their due credits, enjoy listening to the same "classics" forever. The rest of us will be jammin' with our "skinny jeans, headphones, ray-ban glasses on!"

  4. Can I just let the world know that i am madly in love with King Kong? Okay well I'm just putting that out there