Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okay I admit it..I LOVE Pleasure P!!!!

So I was sitting at work and because of the nature of the work that I do, somebody was blasting Pleasure P down the hallway. Now normally I don't dig whiny-imma-make-you-scream-my-name-wish-you-were-my-shawty-take-me-back-rnb BUT on this particular day I found myself giving my chair the business to every joint on that damn album.

Ashamed, I tried to erase the songs from my head. I downloaded the album off iTunes later that night. Anyways, ladies, and even gents, I urge you to cop "The Introduction of Marcus Cooper." Yes it doesn't exactly touch on issues like the Iranian election..or really anything other than him being a self-proclaimed "beast" but...if you want some good panty-droppers check it out.

Under (Sex..lmao. Except not at all. *Sighs...*)
Gotta Have You (Getting hot n bothered just asking you to download it)
Your Love (Cute old school vibe, "after an amazing date" type of sweet track) hhhhh
Fire Lovin' (Nice vibe)
Birthday Suit (Some one-year-anniversary night type mess)

Okay...*fans self* writing all this has made me listen to the music again. That's my Pleasure P shoutout for today. I'll leave you with this slightly slowed down version of Under.

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  1. lol, i admit...i'm pulling for Pleasure P. I heard his Under song and it was kinda hott. And Boyfriend #2...who can dislike a song with a line like "cuz 2nd place always got a whole lot to prove"? ...certainly not me!