Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What hooks you?

So it's called a hook for a reason. After a conversation with some friends from Tee-three (
The Talented Tenth) regarding the illustrious west-coastin' hook-singing guru of our generation Nate Dogg, I started thinking about the best hooks of all time and subsequently the best hook singers/rappers around. Here's a comprehensive list of the top 10 hook-makers of all time (slash that I could think of with my cubicle buddy to waste some time). Think somebody's missing? Comment.

1. Pharrell
2. T-Pain
3. The Dream
4. Drake
5. 50 Cent
6. Lady Gaga
7. Michael Jackson
8. Destiny's Child
9. *Sigh* Nate Dogg
10. Rihanna

...This list didn't even touch on rock...oh well! Thoughts?

PS...My first post talked about how hot Pleasure P's "Under" was...and bam, look at that -- the newest single. Video here.


  1. this has nothing to do with the main idea of your post but they need to start giving Mr. P some better video directors...that video for "Under" did not do the song justice. tsk tsk

  2. Lmao...videos are getting extra sloppy these days I feel you King!

  3. i LOVED the video... ur wilding King Kong. and ur list of best hookers lol is lacking... U missed Stevie Wonder & Souljah Boi...

  4. lol, SwtnLow4...i think that we must've been watchin different videos. The one that I saw had a cool concept but poor musta seen a 2nd version cuz there's no way any1 wlda "LOVED" the one i saw

    why does the girl in the viedo look like Tia from Sister Sister??